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 While the total revenue generated from the Real Estate industry is a small portion of the total economy, it is the engine that feeds and ignites a healthy economy. None of us are likely to forget that lesson as we leave behind the memory of the real estate bubble of 2008.


When it comes to a sense of 'home', I think my perspective is best stated in the "Home Buying" section of my website. Independent of the essential requirement that real estate must be a sound investment, it must equally speak to a deeper part of our needs.


A bit of personal information -- I have lived in the Atlanta area since 1987, transferring to Atlanta in a corporate position to manage the business requirements of several states. I grew up in Charleston, SC, but have lived in various parts of the country during my corporate years.

After years of living the life of planes, trains, meetings and generally living on the road, I elected to resign and try my hand at something quite different. Within 6 months of resigning, I was licensed and intensively educated in Neuromuscular Therapy. I was fortunate to then be offered a position in a private practice clinic with 3 psychologists, practicing trigger point therapy with individuals who were receiving psychotherapy in combination. It was quite rewarding and within 2 years I had fully established in private practice through the referral base of Orthopedic Surgeons and Physical Therapists. I credit the success of building my practice to my desire to achieve the best results for my clients.

After supporting clients in the arena of renovation/resale in the residential market for a period of time, I then entered the market as an Investor and acting General Contractor. Having renovated my own home numerous times, it was an easy fit for my skills and passion to design. The new home construction market is quite underway in the Atlanta market area so this passion has been tabled for consideration in another time.

At the moment, I am investing and acting as a host for one of my properties with Airbnb. It is a unique property and one that is well suited for the Bnb industry. Please take a look at the site. You may have guests coming to Atlanta in need of accomodations:

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 While representing my community in Atlanta, I spent several years developing and lobbying for a Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) to rezone the 208 neighbor homes to protect the predominant bungalow structures and down zone the Land Use Density, and to eliminate the R5 zoning template.  Additionally, I performed an in-depth study of other municipalities and devised a Special Public Interest (SPI) to reside over the City's regulation of the community. All of these efforts were approved by the residents associated and the City Council of Atlanta.


Embracing the market complexities of the real estate bubble of the 2008+ period, served to re-tender my established skills. During this time I chaired and instructed a workshop for colleagues on the performance of short sales. Given my extensive experience in contract negotiations, working with Short Sales was like wearing a pair of old shoes, but appreciably most thankful to see the decline of this market segment.


My personal dedication to the legal and industry knowledge of my practice is paramount. Having an established and dedicated team of legal, code compliance inspectors, site surveyors --  all incorporate my support team.


I currently serve on the Standard Practice, Arbitration, and Mediation Committee with the Atlanta Board of Realtors. In 2013 I served on the Advisory/Resource Committee with Chapman Hall Realtors.


Thank you for sharing my interests and endeavors. I look forward to assisting you with your real estate needs. Please call me for a private consultation.



Cell: (404) 216-9692

Efax: (877) 870-7012





Resume of Accomplishments:
1984 - Market Automation Consultant
1986 - Senior Market Automation Consultant
1986 - Xerox Professional Selling Skills III
1987 - Product Support Manager, National Accounts
1989 - Manager of PC Max Sales, Accounting Systems
1990 - District Manager Sales and Service
1992 - Private Practice, NMT, Neuromuscular Therapy
2008 - Licensed Realtor, Residential (Top 20% Producer)
2011 - Certified Distressed Property Expert Program
          (Short Sale Program)
2011 - Certified Investor Agent Specialist
2012 - Strengths Finder 2.0
          (Strategic, Futuristic, Responsibility, Achiever, Ideation)
2012 - Graduate of Leadership Team, Atlanta Board of
2012 - Committee member, Fund Raising, Atlanta Board
          of Realtors
2012 - Committee member, Tradeshow Event, Atlanta
           Board of Realtors
2012 - Advisory Committee, Chapman Hall Realtors
2013 - Chair, Short Sale Resource Group, Chapman Hall
2013 - Tradeshow Committee, Atlanta Board of Realtors
2014-Member, Institute of Luxury Home Marketing
2014-Member, Standard Practice Committee, Atlanta Board of Realtors
2015-Member, Arbitration & Mediation Panel, Atlanta Board of Realtors